$42 million project providing a world-class recreational hub for local residents and visitors with interactive water play park, waterfront boardwalk, playgrounds and car parking. TacGuide Stainless Steel Hazard and Directional Tactile indicators were the obvious choice for this project, comprising 316 grade stainless steel, R13 safety rating and 10-year product warranty. Extensive use of TacGude Stainless Steel Directional Ribs were used on open walkways to independently assist the visually impaired individual.
TacGuide Stair Nosing was used with R13 carborundum safety inserts to ensure the utmost stair tread safety in this high pedestrian area. TacGuide Square Nosed 316 Stainless Steel Skateboard Deterrents were used on concrete seating edges to protect from any possible damage to property from skateboards. Both powder coated galvanised steel and 316 stainless steel bollards were used-along side vehicular areas to ensure the safety of pedestrians.